The Registered Texas Longhorn
Original Lean Beef

J Bar J Longhorns is excited to announce our newest offering - naturally raised and local, grass-fed, no hormones, 100% Registered Texas Longhorn meat products. Regular, store-bought ground beef is what is left over after all other marketable cuts are removed, or meat from animals who did not make the grade. At J Bar J Longhorns, we grind the balance of the carcass after keeping the tenderloin. This means the ground beef we offer will be extra-lean. A healthier product for the health-conscious consumer concerned about the how and where of their food supply!

Why Registered Texas Longhorn meat? It has become a desirable source of healthy nutrition! Nature created the Texas Longhorn! The genetic programming developed by nature over the years has created a breed that can efficiently reproduce and grow without creating excessive fat store. While there is internal marbling, it is less than other breeds. It was naturally lean long before the desire for healthy lean beef became the rage!

Health conscious consumers know that lean beef is a healthy diet choice. The public is increasingly aware that grass fed, especially grass finished beef has additional health benefits due to an increase in certain fatty acids and antioxidants that are good for your heart. Red meat in general is a good source of Vitamins B3, B12 (not found in plants), B6, zinc and selenium. It also has a form of iron that is readily absorbed, unlike what you find in plants. It also offers increased levels of CLA and Omega-3. Grass fed Texas Longhorns bring in the best nutritional scores for low saturated and trans-fat and high unsaturated fats. Take a look at the table below to find the validated results for yourself!

Cooking with Longhorn Beef


Cooks quicker: Texas Longhorn beef cooks quickly due to its low fat content. Lower fat means a faster cook time.

Less waste: There is little shrinkage.